The numbers don’t lie! Now more than ever people are now able to access video and they love it! Whether you want to talk to consumers, B2B (Business To Business) or your own people, video needs to be a part of your marketing mix more than ever… consider this:


of people pay the most attention to video out of all content.
more likely are videos retweeted than photos.
increase in click through rates when video is used in email.
of B2B organisations using video marketing reported positive ROI.
more likely are consumers going watch a video on a product than read about it.
of marketers say video produces more conversions than any other content.
higher organic reach is achieved with video posts on Facebook than photos.

The good news is video production has evolved enormously over recent years, giving even the smallest businesses the opportunity to offer visually stimulating communication to their customers, at an affordable price. Coo’ee Sydney is equipped with a team that can script, direct, film and organise all your production needs. Whether you are a large corporate or small business, video is a very powerful marketing tool, which can engage your target audience like no other. Coo’ee Sydney specialise in corporate video production, TVC (Television commercial) production as well as training videos, digital content for your website, Youtube,  social media, and events work.